The National Centre of Excellence

1. Breakdown of Zero-Energy Quantum Hall State in Graphene in the Light of Current Fluctuations and Shot Noise
2. Anomalous electronic heat capacity of copper nanowires at sub-Kelvin temperatures
3. Magnetometry with Low-Resistance Proximity Josephson Junction
4. Observation of microwave absorption and emission from incoherent electron tunneling through a normal-metal-insulator-superconductor junction
5. Quantum metrology with a transmon qutrit
6. Multilevel Effects in a Driven Generalized Rabi Model
7. Three-dimensional skyrmions in spin-2 Bose-Einstein condensates
8. Spin-selective electron transfer in a quantum dot array
9. Equivalence of the equilibrium and the nonequilibrium molecular dynamics methods for thermal conductivity calculations From bulk to nanowire silicon
10. Quantum work in the Bohmian framework
11. Dynamics of end-pulled polymer translocation through a nanopore
12. Nonlinear quantum Langevin equations for bosonic modes in solid-state systems
13. Gyrotropic Zener tunneling and nonlinear IV curves in the zero-energy Landau level of graphene in a strong magnetic field
14. Weak antilocalization of composite fermions in graphene
15. Synthetic electromagnetic knot in a three-dimensional skyrmion
16. Approximate solutions to Mathieu's equation
17. Electron Waiting Times of a Cooper Pair Splitter
18. Thermodynamic Bounds on Precision in Ballistic Multiterminal Transport
19. Time-invariant discord high temperature limit and initial environmental correlations
20. Tunable hybridization of Majorana bound states at the quantum spin Hall edge