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Quantum Technology Finland — the home of future science

The National Centre of Excellence


Quantum technologies will have a profound impact on our society

As a flagship of its field, the national Centre of Excellence – Quantum Technology Finland (QTF) – brings together scientific and technological excellence and cutting-edge research infrastructures, to harness quantum phenomena in solid-state-based quantum devices and applications.

Around 100 researchers from Aalto University, University of Helsinki and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland work together for the joint goals of the centre.


Leading Finland into quantum revolution

QTF aims to introduce novel approaches for control of quantum coherence and dissipation, and to develop new and improved quantum circuits and hybrid architectures.

Its research combines experimental, theoretical and applied expertise in all-superconducting and silicon-based devices, superconducting-metal interfaces, graphene and other 2D materials, nanowires and carbon nanotubes.

New technological applications are expected in quantum sensors, simulators, communication and computing, with unprecedented scientific, economic and societal benefits.

11 teams, 5 work packages

QTF is a global leader in thermodynamics and control of heat in quantum circuits, thermal microwave detection on hybrid devices made out of 1D and 2D materials cooled down into deep-mK regime, as well as on industrial-level production of superconducting sensors.