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The Quantum Technology Research Lectures (QTLR) explore and explain the different areas of research taking place across the different groups at QTF.

Each 15 – 20 minute lecture is given by one of our researchers and gives an overview of their research question and the broader topics that their group is interested in.

Quantum Jungle is an interactive art installation that playfully visualizes Quantum Physics concepts. It calculates Schrödinger's Equation to model the movement of a quantum particle, and shows concepts such as superposition, interference, wave-particle duality, and quantum waveform collapse.

Highlighted publications

Miniaturized spectrometers with a tunable van der Waals junction

Yoon, H. H., Fernandez, H. A., Nigmatulin, F., Cai, W., Yang, Z., Cui, H., Ahmed, F., Cui, X., Uddin, M. G., Minot, E. D., Lipsanen, H., Kim, K., Hakonen, P. J., Hasan, T. & Sun, Z., 21 Oct 2022, In: Science.

Topologically-imposed vacancies and mobile solid 3He on carbon nanotube

Todoshchenko, I., Kamada, M., Kaikkonen, J. P., Liao, Y., Savin, A., Will, M., Sergeicheva, E., Abhilash, T. S., Kauppinen, E. & Hakonen, P. J., 5 Oct 2022, In: Nature Communications.

Doping-driven topological polaritons in graphene/α-MoO3 heterostructures

Hu, H., Chen, N., Teng, H., Yu, R., Qu, Y., Sun, J., Xue, M., Hu, D., Wu, B., Li, C., Chen, J., Liu, M., Sun, Z., Liu, Y., Li, P., Fan, S., García de Abajo, F. J. & Dai, Q., Sep 2022, In: Nature Nanotechnology.

Quantized current steps due to the a.c. coherent quantum phase-slip effect

Shaikhaidarov, R. S., Kim, K. H., Dunstan, J. W., Antonov, I. V., Linzen, S., Ziegler, M., Golubev, D. S., Antonov, V. N., Il’ichev, E. V. & Astafiev, O. V., 4 Aug 2022, In: Nature.

Engineering the Dipole Orientation and Symmetry Breaking with Mixed-Dimensional Heterostructures

Uddin, M. G., Das, S., Shafi, A. M., Khayrudinov, V., Ahmed, F., Fernandez, H., Du, L., Lipsanen, H. & Sun, Z., 15 Jul 2022, In: Advanced Science.

Ultimate Accuracy of Frequency to Power Conversion by Single-Electron Injection

Pekola, J. P., Marín-Suárez, M., Pyhäranta, T. & Karimi, B., 15 Jul 2022, In: Physical Review Letters.

Inducing Strong Light-Matter Coupling and Optical Anisotropy in Monolayer MoS2 with High Refractive Index Nanowire

Shafi, A. M., Ahmed, F., Fernandez, H. A., Uddin, M. G., Cui, X., Das, S., Dai, Y., Khayrudinov, V., Yoon, H. H., Du, L., Sun, Z. & Lipsanen, H., 13 Jul 2022, In: ACS applied materials & interfaces.

Coherent modulation of chiral nonlinear optics with crystal symmetry

Zhang, Y., Bai, X., Arias Muñoz, J., Dai, Y., Das, S., Wang, Y. & Sun, Z., 8 Jul 2022, In: Light-Science & Applications.

Tunable Planar Focusing Based on Hyperbolic Phonon Polaritons in alpha-MoO3

Qu, Y., Chen, N., Teng, H., Hu, H., Sun, J., Yu, R., Hu, D., Xue, M., Li, C., Wu, B., Chen, J., Sun, Z., Liu, M., Liu, Y., García de Abajo, F. J. & Dai, Q., 9 Jun 2022, In: Advanced Materials.

Strong Second Harmonic Generation from Bilayer Graphene with Symmetry Breaking by Redox-Governed Charge Doping

Zhang, M., Han, N., Wang, J., Zhang, Z., Liu, K., Sun, Z., Zhao, J. & Gan, X., 24 May 2022, In: Nano Letters.

Optical Modification of 2D Materials: Methods and Applications

Akkanen, S. T. M., Fernandez, H. A. & Sun, Z., 12 May 2022, In: Advanced Materials.

Graphene charge-injection photodetectors

Liu, W., Lv, J., Peng, L., Guo, H., Liu, C., Liu, Y., Li, W., Li, L., Liu, L., Wang, P., Bodepudi, S. C., Shehzad, K., Hu, G., Liu, K., Sun, Z., Hasan, T., Xu, Y., Wang, X., Gao, C., Yu, B., & 1 others, 2 May 2022, In: Nature Electronics.

Chip-integrated van der Waals PN heterojunction photodetector with low dark current and high responsivity

Tian, R., Gan, X., Li, C., Chen, X., Hu, S., Gu, L., Van Thourhout, D., Castellanos-Gomez, A., Sun, Z. & Zhao, J., 20 Apr 2022, In: Light-Science & Applications.

Quantum photonics with layered 2D materials

Turunen, M., Brotons-Gisbert, M., Dai, Y., Wang, Y., Scerri, E., Bonato, C., Jöns, K. D., Sun, Z. & Gerardot, B. D., Apr 2022, In: Nature Reviews Physics.

Photonic heat transport in three terminal superconducting circuit

Gubaydullin, A., Thomas, G., Golubev, D. S., Lvov, D., Peltonen, J. T. & Pekola, J. P., 23 Mar 2022, In: Nature Communications.

Active control of micrometer plasmon propagation in suspended graphene

Hu, H., Yu, R., Teng, H., Hu, D., Chen, N., Qu, Y., Yang, X., Chen, X., McLeod, A. S., Alonso-González, P., Guo, X., Li, C., Yao, Z., Li, Z., Chen, J., Sun, Z., Liu, M., García de Abajo, F. J. & Dai, Q., 18 Mar 2022, In: Nature Communications.

An electron turnstile for frequency-to-power conversion

Marín-Suárez, M., Peltonen, J. T., Golubev, D. S. & Pekola, J. P., Mar 2022, In: Nature Nanotechnology.

Ultrasensitive Calorimetric Detection of Single Photons from Qubit Decay

Pekola, J. P. & Karimi, B., 8 Feb 2022, In: Physical Review X.

A superconductor free of quasiparticles for seconds

Mannila, E. T., Samuelsson, P., Simbierowicz, S., Peltonen, J. T., Vesterinen, V., Grönberg, L., Hassel, J., Maisi, V. F. & Pekola, J. P., Feb 2022, In: Nature Physics.

Phase-matching-induced near-chirp-free solitons in normal-dispersion fiber lasers

Mao, D., He, Z., Zhang, Y., Du, Y., Zeng, C., Yun, L., Luo, Z., Li, T., Sun, Z. & Zhao, J., 25 Jan 2022, In: Light-Science & Applications.

Switchable Photoresponse Mechanisms Implemented in Single van der Waals Semiconductor/Metal Heterostructure

Du, M., Cui, X., Yoon, H. H., Das, S., Uddin, M. G., Du, L., Li, D. & Sun, Z., 25 Jan 2022, In: ACS Nano.

Probing Electronic States in Monolayer Semiconductors through Static and Transient Third-Harmonic Spectroscopies

Wang, Y., Iyikanat, F., Rostami, H., Bai, X., Hu, X., Das, S., Dai, Y., Du, L., Zhang, Y., Li, S., Lipsanen, H., García de Abajo, F. J. & Sun, Z., 20 Jan 2022, In: Advanced Materials.

Optomechanical Anti-Lasing with Infinite Group Delay at a Phase Singularity

Liu, Y., Liu, Q., Wang, S., Chen, Z., Sillanpää, M. A. & Li, T., 31 Dec 2021, In: Physical Review Letters.

Tunable Quantum Tunneling through a Graphene/Bi2Se3 Heterointerface for the Hybrid Photodetection Mechanism

Yoon, H. H., Ahmed, F., Dai, Y., Fernandez Pizarro, H., Cui, X., Bai, X., Li, D., Du, M., Lipsanen, H. & Sun, Z., 15 Dec 2021, In: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Dynamic Cooper Pair Splitter

Norrman Brange, F., Prech, K. & Flindt, C., 3 Dec 2021, In: Physical Review Letters.

A low-noise on-chip coherent microwave source

Yan, C., Hassel, J., Vesterinen, V., Zhang, J., Ikonen, J., Grönberg, L., Goetz, J. & Möttönen, M., Dec 2021, In: Nature Electronics.

State leakage during fast decay and control of a superconducting transmon qubit

Babu, A. P., Tuorila, J. & Ala-Nissila, T., Dec 2021, In: npj Quantum Information.

Thermoelectric current in a graphene Cooper pair splitter

Tan, Z. B., Laitinen, A., Kirsanov, N. S., Galda, A., Vinokur, V. M., Haque, M., Savin, A., Golubev, D. S., Lesovik, G. B. & Hakonen, P. J., Dec 2021, In: Nature Communications.

Synchronized multi-wavelength soliton fiber laser via intracavity group delay modulation

Mao, D., Wang, H., Zhang, H., Zeng, C., Du, Y., He, Z., Sun, Z. & Zhao, J., 18 Nov 2021, In: Nature Communications.

Real-time observation of Cooper pair splitting showing strong non-local correlations

Ranni, A., Brange, F., Mannila, E. T., Flindt, C. & Maisi, V. F., 4 Nov 2021, In: Nature Communications.

A macroscopic object passively cooled into its quantum ground state of motion beyond single-mode cooling

Cattiaux, D., Golokolenov, I., Kumar, S., Sillanpää, M., Mercier de Lépinay, L., Gazizulin, R. R., Zhou, X., Armour, A. D., Bourgeois, O., Fefferman, A. & Collin, E., 26 Oct 2021, In: Nature Communications.

Determination of Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Many-Body Systems Using Loschmidt Cumulants

Peotta, S., Brange, F., Deger, A., Ojanen, T. & Flindt, C., 26 Oct 2021, In: Physical Review X.

Colloquium: Quantum heat transport in condensed matter systems

Pekola, J. P. & Karimi, B., 5 Oct 2021, In: Reviews of Modern Physics.

Self-Calibrating Superconducting Pair-Breaking Detector

Mannila, E. T., Maisi, V. F. & Pekola, J. P., 1 Oct 2021, In: Physical Review Letters.

Complete structural characterization of single carbon nanotubes by Rayleigh scattering circular dichroism

Yao, F., Yu, W., Liu, C., Su, Y., You, Y., Ma, H., Qiao, R., Wu, C., Ma, C., Gao, P., Xiao, F., Zhao, J., Bai, X., Sun, Z., Maruyama, S., Wang, F., Zhang, J. & Liu, K., Oct 2021, In: Nature Nanotechnology.

Electrical Low-Frequency 1/fγ Noise Due to Surface Diffusion of Scatterers on an Ultra-low-Noise Graphene Platform

Kamada, M., Laitinen, A., Zeng, W., Will, M., Sarkar, J., Tappura, K., Seppä, H. & Hakonen, P., 22 Sep 2021, In: Nano Letters.

Enhancing Si3N4Waveguide Nonlinearity with Heterogeneous Integration of Few-Layer WS2

Wang, Y., Pelgrin, V., Gyger, S., Uddin, G. M., Bai, X., Lafforgue, C., Vivien, L., Jöns, K. D., Cassan, E. & Sun, Z., 15 Sep 2021, In: ACS Photonics.

Electron Waiting Times in a Strongly Interacting Quantum Dot: Interaction Effects and Higher-Order Tunneling Processes

Stegmann, P., Sothmann, B., König, J. & Flindt, C., 25 Aug 2021, In: Physical Review Letters.

Giant All-Optical Modulation of Second-Harmonic Generation Mediated by Dark Excitons

Wang, Y., Das, S., Iyikanat, F., Dai, Y., Li, S., Guo, X., Yang, X., Cheng, J., Hu, X., Ghotbi, M., Ye, F., Lipsanen, H., Wu, S., Hasan, T., Gan, X., Liu, K., Sun, D., Dai, Q., García De Abajo, F. J., Zhao, J. & Sun, Z., 18 Aug 2021, In: ACS Photonics.

Giant anisotropic photonics in the 1D van der Waals semiconductor fibrous red phosphorus

Du, L., Zhao, Y., Wu, L., Hu, X., Yao, L., Wang, Y., Bai, X., Dai, Y., Qiao, J., Uddin, M. G., Li, X., Lahtinen, J., Bai, X., Zhang, G., Ji, W. & Sun, Z., 10 Aug 2021, In: Nature Communications.

Broadband Plasmon-Enhanced Four-Wave Mixing in Monolayer MoS2

Dai, Y., Wang, Y., Das, S., Li, S., Xue, H., Mohsen, A. & Sun, Z., 28 Jul 2021, In: Nano Letters.

Ultrahigh Convergent Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes from Comprehensive Atomistic Modeling

Barbalinardo, G., Chen, Z., Dong, H., Fan, Z. & Donadio, D., 9 Jul 2021, In: Physical Review Letters.

Giant enhancement of optical nonlinearity in two-dimensional materials by multiphoton-excitation resonance energy transfer from quantum dots

Hong, H., Wu, C., Zhao, Z., Zuo, Y., Wang, J., Liu, C., Zhang, J., Wang, F., Feng, J., Shen, H., Yin, J., Wu, Y., Zhao, Y., Liu, K., Gao, P., Meng, S., Wu, S., Sun, Z., Liu, K. & Xiong, J., Jul 2021, In: Nature Photonics.

Anomalous thermal conductivity enhancement in low dimensional resonant nanostructures due to imperfections

Wang, H., Cheng, Y., Fan, Z., Guo, Y., Zhang, Z., Bescond, M., Nomura, M., Ala-Nissila, T., Volz, S. & Xiong, S., 14 Jun 2021, In: Nanoscale.

Scalable graphene electro-optical modulators for all-fibre pulsed lasers

Lau, K. Y., Pyymaki Perros, A., Li, D., Kim, M. & Sun, Z., 7 Jun 2021, In: Nanoscale.

Quantum mechanics-free subsystem with mechanical oscillators

Mercier de Lépinay, L., Ockeloen-Korppi, C. F., Woolley, M. J. & Sillanpää, M. A., 7 May 2021, In: Science.

Thermodynamic bounds on coherent transport in periodically driven conductors

Potanina, E., Flindt, C., Moskalets, M. & Brandner, K., 14 Apr 2021, In: Physical Review X.

Collision Models Can Efficiently Simulate Any Multipartite Markovian Quantum Dynamics

Cattaneo, M., De Chiara, G., Maniscalco, S., Zambrini, R. & Giorgi, G. L., 2 Apr 2021, In: Physical Review Letters.

Inverse Faraday Effect for Superconducting Condensates

Mironov, S. V., Mel'Nikov, A. S., Tokman, I. D., Vadimov, V., Lounis, B. & Buzdin, A. I., 2 Apr 2021, In: Physical Review Letters.

Integrated photon-pair sources with nonlinear optics

Wang, Y., Jöns, K. D. & Sun, Z., 1 Mar 2021, In: Applied Physics Reviews.

Engineering symmetry breaking in 2D layered materials

Du, L., Hasan, T., Castellanos-Gomez, A., Liu, G. B., Yao, Y., Lau, C. N. & Sun, Z., Mar 2021, In: Nature Reviews Physics.

Single-step chemical vapour deposition of anti-pyramid MoS2/WS2vertical heterostructures

Bai, X., Li, S., Das, S., Du, L., Dai, Y., Yao, L., Raju, R., Du, M., Lipsanen, H. & Sun, Z., 28 Feb 2021, In: Nanoscale.

Thermodynamics of Gambling Demons

Manzano, G., Subero, D., Maillet, O., Fazio, R., Pekola, J. P. & Roldan, E., 26 Feb 2021, In: Physical Review Letters.

Ultrafast transient sub-bandgap absorption of monolayer MoS2

Das, S., Wang, Y., Dai, Y., Li, S. & Sun, Z., 29 Jan 2021, In: Light-science and Applications.

Controlled emission time statistics of a dynamic single-electron transistor

Brange, F., Schmidt, A., Bayer, J. C., Wagner, T., Flindt, C. & Haug, R. J., 6 Jan 2021, In: Science Advances.

High performance complementary WS2 devices with hybrid Gr/Ni contacts

Khan, M. F., Ahmed, F., Rehman, S., Akhtar, I., Rehman, M. A., Shinde, P. A., Khan, K., Kim, D. K., Eom, J., Lipsanen, H. & Sun, Z., 7 Nov 2020, In: Nanoscale.

Difference frequency generation in monolayer MoS2

Wang, Y., Ghotbi, M., Das, S., Dai, Y., Li, S., Hu, X., Gan, X., Zhao, J. & Sun, Z., 14 Oct 2020, In: Nanoscale.

Twisting for Tunable Nonlinear Optics

Du, L., Dai, Y. & Sun, Z., 7 Oct 2020, In: Matter.

Electrical Control of Interband Resonant Nonlinear Optics in Monolayer MoS2

Dai, Y., Wang, Y., Das, S., Xue, H., Bai, X., Hulkko, E., Zhang, G., Yang, X., Dai, Q. & Sun, Z., 28 Jul 2020, In: ACS Nano.

Optical fibres with embedded two-dimensional materials for ultrahigh nonlinearity

Zuo, Y., Yu, W., Liu, C., Cheng, X., Qiao, R., Liang, J., Zhou, X., Wang, J., Wu, M., Zhao, Y., Gao, P., Wu, S., Sun, Z., Liu, K., Bai, X. & Liu, Z., 2020, In : Nature Nanotechnology.

Suspended superconducting weak links from aerosol-synthesized single-walled carbon nanotubes

Kaikkonen, J. P., Sebastian, A. T., Laiho, P., Wei, N., Will, M., Liao, Y., Kauppinen, E. I. & Hakonen, P. J., 2020, In : Nano Research.

Electric field control of radiative heat transfer in a superconducting circuit

Maillet, O., Subero, D., Peltonen, J. T., Golubev, D. S. & Pekola, J. P., 1 Dec 2020, In : Nature Communications. 11, 1, p. 1-6 6 p., 4326.

Precise control of the interlayer twist angle in large scale MoS2 homostructures

Liao, M., Wei, Z., Du, L., Wang, Q., Tang, J., Yu, H., Wu, F., Zhao, J., Xu, X., Han, B., Liu, K., Gao, P., Polcar, T., Sun, Z., Shi, D., Yang, R. & Zhang, G., 1 Dec 2020, In : Nature Communications. 11, 1, 2153.

Correlation Picture Approach to Open-Quantum-System Dynamics

Alipour, S., Rezakhani, A. T., Babu, A. P., Mølmer, K., Möttönen, M., & Ala-Nissila, T., 7 Nov 2020, In : Phys. Rev. X 20, 041024.

Diffusive limit of non-Markovian quantum jumps

Luoma, K., Strunz, W. T., and Piilo, J., 9 Oct 2020, In : Physical Review Letters. 125, 150403.

Bolometer operating at the threshold for circuit quantum electrodynamics

Kokkoniemi, R., Girard, J-P., Hazra, D., Laitinen, A., Govenius, J., Lake, R., Sallinen, I., Vesterinen, V., Partanen, M., Tan, J. Y., Chan, K. W., Tan, K., Hakonen, P. J. & Möttönen, M., 30 Sep 2020, In : Nature. 586, p. 47–51.

A general ink formulation of 2D crystals for wafer-scale inkjet printing

Hu, G., Yang, L., Yang, Z., Wang, Y., Jin, X., Dai, J., Wu, Q., Liu, S., Zhu, X., Wang, X., Wu, T. C., Howe, R. C. T., Albrow-Owen, T., Ng, L. W. T., Yang, Q., Occhipinti, L. G., Woodward, R. I., Kelleher, E. J. R., Sun, Z., Huang, X., Zhang, M., Bain, C. D. & Hasan, T., 1 Aug 2020, In : Science Advances. 6, 33, p. eaba5029.

Thermionic junction devices utilizing phonon blocking

Mykkänen, E., Lehtinen, J. S., Grönberg, L., Shchepetov, A., Timofeev, A. V., Gunnarsson, D., Kemppinen, A., Manninen, A. J. & Prunnila, M., 2020, In : Science advances. 6, 15, eaax9191.

Active Quasiparticle Suppression in a Non-Equilibrium Superconductor

Marin Suarez, M., Peltonen, J. & Pekola, J. P., 18 Jun 2020, In : Nano Letters. 20, 7, p. 5066-5071.

Nonreciprocal Transport Based on Cavity Floquet Modes in Optomechanics

Mercier De Lépinay, L., Ockeloen-Korppi, C. F., Malz, D. & Sillanpää, M. A., 10 Jul 2020, In : Physical Review Letters. 125, 2, 7 p., 023603.

Rate Operator Unraveling for Open Quantum System Dynamics

Smirne, A., Caiaffa, M. & Piilo, J., 15 May 2020, in : Physical Review Letters. 124,190402.

Quantum Trajectory Analysis of Single Microwave Photon Detection by Nanocalorimetry

Karimi, B. & Pekola, J. P., 29 Apr 2020, In: Physical Review Letters 124, 17, 5 p., 170601.

Operation of a silicon quantum processor unit cell above one kelvin

Yang, C. H., Leon, R. C. C., Hwang, J. C. C., Saraiva, A., Tanttu, T.,  Huang, W., Camirand Lemyre, J., Chan, K. W., Tan, K. Y., Hudson, F. E., Itoh, K. M., Morello, A., Pioro-Ladrière, M., Laucht A. & Dzurak, A. S., 15 Apr 2020, In: Nature 580, 350-354.

Shortcuts to Adiabatic Pumping in Classical Stochastic Systems

Funo, K., Lambert, N., Nori, F. & Flindt, C., 13 Apr 2020, In : Physical Review Letters. 124, 15, p. 1-6 6 p., 150603.

Thermodynamic Geometry of Microscopic Heat Engines

Brandner, K. & Saito, K., 31 Jan 2020, In: Physical Review Letters 124, 040602.

Reaching the ultimate energy resolution of a quantum detector

Karimi, B., Brange, F., Samuelsson, P. & Pekola, J. P., 17 Jan 2020, In: Nature Communications 11, 367.

IBM Q Experience as a versatile experimental testbed for simulating open quantum systems

García-Pérez, G., Rossi, M. A. C. & Maniscalco, S., 7 Jan 2020, In: npj Quantum Information 6, 1-10.

Efficient All-Optical Plasmonic Modulators with Atomically Thin Van Der Waals Heterostructures

Guo, X., Liu, R., Hu, D., Hu, H., Wei, Z., Wang, R., Dai, Y., Cheng, Y., Chen, K., Liu, K., Zhang, G., Zhu, X., Sun, Z., Yang, X. & Dai, Q., 1 Jan 2020, In : Advanced Materials. 1907105.

Single-spin qubits in isotopically enriched silicon at low magnetic field

Zhao, R., Tanttu, T., Tan, K. Y., Hensen, B., Chan, K. W., Hwang, J., Leon, R., Yang, C. H., Gilbert, W., Hudson, F., Itoh, K., Kiselev, A., Ladd, T., Morello, A., Laucht, A. & Dzurak, A., 3 Dec 2019, In: Nature Communications 10, 5500.

Extreme nonlinear strong-field photoemission from carbon nanotubes

Li, C., Chen, K., Guan, M., Wang, X., Zhou, X., Zhai, F., Dai, J., Li, Z., Sun, Z., Meng, S. Liu, K. & Dai, Q., 1 Dec 2019, In: Nature Communications 10, 4891.

Controlled creation of a singular spinor vortex by circumventing the Dirac belt trick

Weiss, L. S., Borgh, M. O., Blinova, A., Ollikainen, T., Möttönen, M., Ruostekoski, J. & Hall, D. S., 16 Oct 2019, In: Nature Communications 10, 4772.

Decay of a Quantum Knot

Ollikainen, T., Blinova, A., Möttönen, M. & Hall, D. S., 16 Oct 2019, In: Physical Review Letters 123, 163003.

Lattice Dynamics, Phonon Chirality, and Spin-Phonon Coupling in 2D Itinerant Ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2

Du, L., Tang, J., Zhao, Y., Li, X., Yang, R., Hu, X., Bai, X., Wang, X., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T. Shi, D., Yu, G., Bai, X., Hasan, T., Zhang, G. & Sun, Z., 25 Sep 2019, In: Advanced Functional Materials 8, 1904734.

Single-nanowire spectrometers

Yang, Z., Albrow-Owen, T., Cui, H., Alexander-Webber, J., Gu, F., Wang, X., Wu, T. C., Zhuge, M., Williams, C., Wang, P. Zayats, A. V., Cai, W., Dai, L., Hofmann, S., Overend, M., Tong, L., Yang, Q., Sun, Z. & Hasan, T., 6 Sep 2019, In: Science 365, 1017-1020.

Graphene photonic crystal fibre with strong and tunable light–matter interaction

Chen, K., Zhou, X., Cheng, X., Qiao, R., Cheng, Y., Liu, C., Xie, Y., Yu, W., Yao, F., Sun, Z. Wang, F., Liu, K. & Liu, Z., 12 Aug 2019, In: Nature Photonics 13, 754-759.

Towards quantum-limited coherent detection of terahertz waves in charge-neutral graphene

Lara-Avila, S., Danilov, A., Golubev, D., He, H., Kim, K. H., Yakimova, R., Lombardi, F., Bauch, T., Cherednichenko, S. & Kubatkin, S., 5 Aug 2019, In: Nature Astronomy 3, 983-988.

Universal First-Passage-Time Distribution of Non-Gaussian Currents

Singh, S., Menczel, P., Golubev, D. S., Khaymovich, I. M., Peltonen, J. T., Flindt, C., Saito, K., Roldán, É. & Pekola, J. P., 13 Jun 2019, In: Physical Review Letters 122, 230602.

Plasmon Excitations in Mixed Metallic Nanoarrays

Conley, K. M., Nayyar, N., Rossi, T. P., Kuisma, M., Turkowski, V., Puska, M. J. & Rahman, T. S., 28 May 2019, In: ACS Nano 13, 5344-5355.

Optimal Probabilistic Work Extraction beyond the Free Energy Difference with a Single-Electron Device

Maillet, O., Erdman, P. A., Cavina, V., Bhandari, B., Mannila, E. T., Peltonen, J. T., Mari, A., Taddei, F., Jarzynski, C., Giovannetti, V. Pekola, J. P., 18 Apr 2019, In: Physical Review Letters 122, 150604.

Broadband Lamb shift in an engineered quantum system

Silveri, M., Masuda, S., Sevriuk, V., Tan, K. Y., Jenei, M., Hyyppä, E., Hassler, F., Partanen, M., Goetz, J., Lake, R. E. Grönberg, L. & Möttönen, M., 11 Mar 2019, In: Nature Physics 15, 533-537.

Gas identification with graphene plasmons

Hu, H., Yang, X., Guo, X., Khaliji, K., Biswas, S. R., García de Abajo, F. J., Low, T., Sun, Z. & Dai, Q., 8 Mar 2019, In: Nature Communications 10, 1131.

Qubit Measurement by Multichannel Driving

Ikonen, J., Goetz, J., Ilves, J., Keränen, A., Gunyho, A. M., Partanen, M., Tan, K. Y., Hazra, D., Grönberg, L., Vesterinen, V., Simbierowicz, S., Hassel, J., & Möttönen, M., 25 Feb 2019, In: Physical Review Letters 122, 080503.

Superadiabatic population transfer in a three-level superconducting circuit

Vepsäläinen, A., Danilin, S. & Paraoanu, G-S., 8 Feb 2019, In: Science Advances 5, eaau5999.

Ultra-high on-chip optical gain in erbium-based hybrid slot waveguides

Rönn, J., Zhang, W., Autere, A., Leroux, X., Pakarinen, L., Alonso-Ramos, C., Säynätjoki, A., Lipsanen, H., Vivien, L., Cassan, E. & Sun, Z., 25 Jan 2019, In: Nature Communications 10, 432.

Revealing hidden quantum correlations in an electromechanical measurement

Ockeloen-Korppi, C., Damskägg, E., Paraoanu, G-S., Massel, F. & Sillanpää, M., 14 Dec 2018, In: Physical Review Letters 121, 243601.

A MoSe2/WSe2 Heterojunction-Based Photodetector at Telecommunication Wavelengths

Xue, H., Wang, Y., Dai, Y., Kim, W., Jussila, H., Qi, M., Susoma, J., Ren, Z., Dai, Q., Zhao, J. Halonen, K., Lipsanen, H., Wang, X., Gan, X. & Sun, Z., 21 Nov 2018, In: Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1804388.

N-graphdiyne two-dimensional nanomaterials: Semiconductors with low thermal conductivity and high stretchability

Mortazavi, B., Makaremi, M., Shahrokhi, M., Fan, Z. & Rabczuk, T., 1 Oct 2018, In: Carbon 137, 57-67.

Low‐Power Continuous‐Wave Second Harmonic Generation in Semiconductor Nanowires

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Unified Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations in Linear Response

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